Mid-July Fixes and Tweaks

Some summertime changes and fixes.

  • You can now expand the recent buyer/seller list in the OmniMall. Good suggestion, Barton26.
  • Techniques that check previous Techniques’ types now work with previous Techniques that change types. If that makes sense. Thanks, Arkaim!
  • Failing to leave a defender in an empty zone no longer costs energy. Good call, Erenoth.
  • Playing in reflected winter ponds should now give XP immediately. Thanks for the head’s up, Al!
  • And there’s now a little extra commentary the first time you visit Dr. Amundsen’s office. Good suggestion, Mag.

And, naturally, we have plenty of typos. Thanks to DoctrZombie, Valmo, Mag, Argeth, xKiv, Al, and Barton26 for helping us corral those deadly beasts.