Fancy New Site

When Metroplexity Games was founded, the Metroplexity Devblog was the Metroplexity Games site. But we’ve grown and changed a lot since then and the site hasn’t kept up. So, I unleash upon you the new Metroplexity Games site!

Aside from the, hopefully obvious, visual redesign, we also have a place for Twilight Heroes here now and a weird little corner for me.

Players familiar with the Metroplexity Devblog probably won’t be surprised by what I do with the Twilight Heroes blog here. It’ll be the home to our Twilight Heroes podcasts, features announcements, and bug fix reports.

The little corner for me is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but didn’t have a great place to put. It’ll be a place for me to discuss other projects in the pipeline, things that affect Metroplexity Games as a whole, random game design philosophy, other gaming stuff, and maybe a review or two if I feel the need to pontificate.

I don’t expect this little corner of the site to be updated frequently, I have games to develop after all. But it’ll be nice to have a place for general news and design talk.