October Heroics

One of the things that I like most about having a site like this is being able to publicly thank the people who have reported bugs or made sweet suggestions.

  • The journal now contains a bit more guidance at low levels and will exclaim when I think you might want to look at it, thanks to the suggestions of Alturin. Welcome aboard!
  • On the long time side of things, scrap metal now drops in all runs if you have a recyclonizer. Good suggestion, Lxndr!
  • The login page now displays errors properly if you enter bad credentials. Good eyes, erfMoratorium.
  • The guards at the space station now notice stowaways. Good catch, hoyifung04.
  • Corrected an issue with stuns not closing openings properly, resulting in infinite puns. Thank you, xKiv for saving us all from a punny fate.
  • The Nostronomian Sleepwalker is now, appropriately, not copyable. Thanks for trying that out, Patojonas.
  • And special thanks to hoyifung04 for helping me track down a bunch of broken copyright notices!

Thanks to the dev team for helping get the new Openings system, well, open and our moderators for keeping chat awesome so I can focus on the rest of this list :)

And, lastly, thanks to Hoyifung04, OldJanitor, and Patojonas for smashing some typos.


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