December Heroics

The snow is falling and bugs are going into hibernation for the long winter.

  • First off, thanks to everyone who helped tag issues during the server updates. That, as anticipated, was a bit chaotic, but we have it mostly under control now. Off the top of my head, thank you Trog, Patojonas, Mana Yachanichu, OldJanitor, and Hoyifung04.
  • Fixed an item duplication bug, thanks to Patojonas. Wooo Patojonas!
  • Added notifications when the masters open in the brute quest. Thanks to MechaGamer for the suggestion and Cristiona for passing it on.
  • There should no longer be journal notification false alarms after transmogrifying. Thanks Nommy!
  • Overthrusted ion stones now have an appropriate level requirement. Thanks for pointing that out, Patojonas and Hoyifung04.
  • Solved the case of the infinite John Steeles, thanks again to Patojonas.

Also, thanks to Patojonas, Sanjuro, Isladar, xKiv, and hoyifung04 for helping corral some typos.


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