February Fixes

February is humming right along, so let’s open up with some bug fixes.

  • Fixed a bug temporarily closing Porcelain Bay to swimming. Thanks, TerraAire!
  • Hopefully fixed a rare issue with equipment changes not updating stats. Good catch, xKiv!
  • Prevented the good Dr. Somnus from getting infinitely excited with her patients, thanks to The Fool.
  • Corrected some strangeness with stat ranking displays with some help from My Name is Sylar.
  • Straightened out some interesting issues with defeating Iceberg 9 and being defeated at the same time. Good eyes, Hoyifung04.
  • Resolved an issue with the Mouths of Darkness map appearing in the wrong location. Thanks for the bug report, Doctor Fortissimo.

Also, thanks to Nommy, Sanjuro, Patojonas, OldJanitor, Hoyifung04, and xKiv for helping redeem my misuse of the English language.


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