April Foolery

April’s a great month for foolery, but sometimes you need to turn off the Bug Buddy.

  • Fixed an issue with the Crystal Collector badge thanks to Stormwarden.
  • Made sure the Superagent sidekick wasn’t taking more than his cut thanks to some accounting oversight from Jager Vokund and xKiv.
  • Sorted out some multi-use issues with a hand from Hoyifung04. Thanks, Hoy!
  • Floyd’s dark prism was hiding some XP in its shadows. Thanks to Patojonas for helping teach it a lesson.
  • Fixed a display issue with prismatic items. Good catch, OldJanitor and Isladar.
  • Mall search will handle weird special characters a bit better, thanks to Patojonas.
  • And thanks to Hoyifung04 for helping consistencify some item descriptions.

And thanks to Patojonas, Hoyifung04, Sanjuro, and xKiv for helping me track down some typos.


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