April Heroics

April’s been a bumper month for suggestions and bug fixes.

  • Added some more features to catalyze thanks to xKiv and Hoyifung04.
  • Dragonslayer will now properly slay things. Thanks Patojonas!
  • Broke buffs, then unbroke them again with some help from Krethan.
  • Hunted down a bunch of store management bugs. Thanks Hoyifung04 and Meefman!
  • Fixed some early issues with multiple catalyzation thanks to xKiv
  • Added an equip link after deciphering septic scandals. Good suggestion, Zillow.
  • Also added a use link on reconstructing the Bard’s Play. Good call, erfMortium.

We also sorted out some typos thanks to Patojonas and Hoyifung04.


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