May Fix Things

Nothing too dramatic for May, but enough little fixes they deserve a post. Thanks for keeping your eyes open, everyone!

  • Your memories of the Coding Assistance quest should also be updated to Novos. Thanks, Al!
  • Fragile puffballs and focused perception interact properly. Good eyes, Mag!
  • A few encounters in the mirror better reflect your choices. Well spotted, GoldS.
  • Burning Ectoplasm was doing inconsistent damage. Thanks, Al!
  • Made some items appropriately discardable. Good suggestions, Cryptodynamic.
  • Sorted out some issues with Protein Scales, thanks to Al.
  • All that noise kids listen to these days is all the same, thanks to Argeth.
  • Fixed some issues with Orbital Wars TV. Good catch, Heriodule!
  • Al took one for the team to find an error being beaten to a pulp by The Hammer.

Also thanks to Heriodule, Al, Vholes Piper (from 2009), Mag, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Cheeetar, GoldS for some typo catches!


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