June Bug Reports

Although I have to go for the “june bug” pun, June’s roughly split between small updates and proper bugs. Let’s take a look!

  • Gave David a response to being confronted with bottled fae. Good suggestion, Arkaim!
  • On a related note, the jar of poison now does something cooler when it’s used. I can’t find who pointed this out to me, but thanks!
  • Fixed some problems with angry painting viewing. Thanks Al!
  • You can now pick apart Orbital Wars movies a little more easily, thanks to GoldS.
  • Mold cultures are now a little more prolific, thanks to Arkaim.
  • The bone mask is now friendlier with its museum kin. Thanks, GoldS!
  • The charmed chain is properly displaying its bonuses now. Good catch, Cryptodynamic! Seriously, well freaking spotted.

Also thanks to Al, Cryptodynamic, and Mag for some typo fixes.