Charmed Fixes

We’ve got a bunch of fixes this month, mostly with the intertwining loops of the charmed chain.

  • Snapping Chains’ unlock stopped scaling the opposite of what makes sense. Thanks Al!
  • Mag helped remind Zack not to forget the Charmed Chain just because he’s got the hot new HGS in stock.
  • The interaction between the Wolfskin Belt and Charmed Chain should be clearer. Good call, xKiv and DoctrZombie.
  • Do Nothing now counts properly as not doing anything, thanks to Arkaim.
  • Fixed some delightfully meta errors in OldOS. Thanks the Fop! Unfortunately, I also caused a weird typo in there I can’t seem to fix. It’s certainly not the slow dissolution of OldOS under the crushing weight of new technology.
  • Al reminded the hologame ganger to actually use his knife.

Also thanks to Al, Arkaim, the Fop, and Valmo for their help tracking down typos.


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