Summer Fixes

A cool summer so far, but finally heating up and giving us some bugs. I’d like to thank everyone for helping me squash them as they sneak out.

  • Capped modifiers are now displayed on the character sheet. Good suggestion, xKiv.
  • Fumbles are, in fact, capped things that should be displayed. Thanks, Cristiona and xKiv.
  • Updated the game manual in many, many places. Thanks for all the help, Hoyifung04!
  • Cleared up an issue with Firefox 30.0 and large numbers in the mall. Good call, Harry Dresden! Also, Skin Game was awesome.
  • Fixed some issues dropping pull restrictions. Thanks for the bug report, jonball!
  • Arena times now display properly. Good catch, Hoyifung04.
  • Blockees stop dropping properly when you unequip things that let them drop. You can thank Harry Dresden for preventing the Blockalypse.
  • Lastly, fixed some veggie issues with help from Hoyifung04.

Also thanks to hoyifung04, Patojonas, Harry Dresden, ErfMortium, and especially Sanjuro for help sorting out some of my countless typos! Go team!


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