End of Summer Fixes

Summer is winding to a close and, with it, we see the end of some bugs.

  • Really, really negative damage will no longer throw errors. Thanks Al and DoctrZombie!
  • Fixed another issue with Whispers in the Park doubling up rewards. Good catch, Quimera!
  • Hologame trolls won’t be quite as shy about showing up, thanks to Mag.
  • Al’s been making sure the enemies are appropriate outfitted again.
  • Being a Good Worker is now properly refreshing, even if you start at maximum Energy. Neat find, The Fop!
  • Steady shot now interacts with steady hand. This change is brought to you by “why didn’t I do that before” and Vholes Piper.
  • Brace Spear is all stabbity, care of Al.
  • The Undead Scourge illustration is now an appropriate shade of black. Thanks, GoldS!

Also thanks to Vholes Piper, Al, and Mag for cornering some typos and killing them with fire.


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