End of Summer Bugs

It’s starting to get cold here. That doesn’t have anything to do with bug fixes, I’m just complaining.

  • Fixed up some issues with Porcelain Bay doubling up on content. Thanks Mana Yachanichu and Cristiona!
  • You can use multiple ice cubes again for optimal drink cooling. Good catch, Hoyifung04.
  • Race car drivers and journals are no longer confused by transmogrification. Hail Satan! Uh, I mean, thanks for the bug reports, Satan.
  • Chalk boards now display the correct time, thanks to Hoyifung04. Clearly the old ones were made in Greenwich.
  • You can no longer disrupt the space-time continuum by turning bosses into taffy, then eating them. Thanks for saving our wibbly wobblies, Sanjuro!
  • Susan is now appropriately confused by people manipulating links to get to her early. Thanks, Hoyifung04.
  • Foe distance and prone-ness show up with their other buffs/debuffs. Thanks Kinak!

Also thanks to Sanjuro, Darkzumi, and Patojonas for defending Twilight from typos.


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