Decline and Fall of the Bug Empire

It’s fall again, which means time for bugs and bug fixes!

  • Bad password attempts weren’t being cleared properly. Good catch, Longbow!
  • Beat the Daylight Saver out of chat with a little help from Hoyifung04.
  • Fixed an issue with Somerset stores caring about range. Good eyes, Yurick!
  • Strike of the Ion Eel is now appropriately electrifying thanks to Cristiona and Valmo!
  • The computer pharmacist drops now display their messages in text rather than as a brief feeling of deja vu. Thanks Cristiona and ErfMortium.
  • Helped Fearsome Disguise’s description get over its stage fright. Thanks xKiv and Satan!
  • The carriageless horse will now stop trampling people when you stop riding it. Thanks, ErfMortium!

Also thanks to Patojonas, Sanjuro, Hoyifung04, TerraAire, xKiv, and Valmo for helping rid Twilight of typos.


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