Turkey Fixins

It might be a little late for Thanksgiving bugs, but I don’t like to fix Christmas bugs until there’s snow on the ground.

Actually, I probably should have just called this “companion fixes,” so assume the turkey is a companion and we’re golden.

  • Fixed a ton of companion stuff. Thanks for the once-over Patojonas!
  • Added an option to manually dismiss companions. Good call, Cristiona.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of mentions of the old companion system thanks to Hoyifung04.
  • Fixed an issue with software working when they ought not. Thanks Praxis!
  • Filtering PvP battles for ties should work properly now. Good catch, xKiv.
  • Cans of nanovolt have an appropriate level limit now. Thanks Patojonas!
  • The Ice Sculptor now has appropriate miss messages. Good call Sanjuro.
  • Cleaned up a few places where turn length was not being displayed properly. Thanks, Hoyifung04.
  • Undisempowered your faithful stee… squire. Thanks Olaf.

Also thanks to Hoyifung04, Sanjuro, and Patojonas for sorting out some typos.


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