Frosty Fixes

It’s that time again: time to huddle under a blanket with a cup of cocoa and a list of bug fixes.

What? That’s not how you spend your Januaries? Weird.

  • The Happy Hour DJ encounter now indicates what music she’s already playing. Good call, Mag.
  • Fixed and added a few Release the Hounds interactions for Vholes. Who else?
  • Corrected a long-standing issue with unlocking the Starry Sky in the museum. Good catch, dead_eye!
  • Fixed the grenade encounter in the Abandoned Building. Thanks, Al, for noticing I’d broken that.
  • Unhid some stairs in the art museum that had gotten shy following Halloween. Good catch, Vholes.
  • Thanks to Cheeetar for helping me sort out some confused Christmas ornaments.

And thanks to Cryptodynamic, Al, Mag, Heriodule, xKiv, GoldS, Vholes Piper, and Argeth for making the game a more readable and coherent place.


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