March Bug Fixes

Spring has sprung and we’re trapping some bugs.

  • The server’s name is now displayed more often in Novos. Good suggestion, xKiv.
  • The guards at the Fangs’ front door no longer forget your name when you start killing them. Thanks, Al!
  • Added some more nuance to Offer Passage. Good suggestions, Cryptodynamic and GoldS.
  • Fixed some issues with Watery Passage, thanks GoldS.
  • Made Experimental Function work a little more consistently. Thanks for the testing, Xerf.
  • Distinguished some interoffice memos. Good call, Valmo.
  • The eye amulet and Evil Eye should interact more consistently, good catch Al!
  • Sorted out the campus punks’ confusion if you’re dressed as a punk cop. Thanks, Vholes.
  • Fixed an issue with werewolves’ sudden savagery. Thanks, Valmo!

And thanks to Al, Vholes Piper, Valmo, and Mag for helping sort out some of my typos.


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