March of the Bug Fixes

As we leave March behind, it’s time to look back and be grateful for all the little additions and fixes the past few months.

  • Chat now displays time stamps (hover over the speaker’s name). Good suggestion, xKiv.
  • Deep Storage now links to the Heirloom Derby while you’re choosing your heirloom, thanks to Nommy.
  • Broke the casino quest, then unbroke it thanks Isladar and PenguinPyro.
  • Fixed an issue with the new companion code and an older merit badge. Thanks Rodrigus.
  • Sorted out the monthly “Too Hard” boards. Thanks, Patojonas.
  • Resolved an issue with decryption giving hilarious results if you submitted the form multiple times. Thanks, Praxis.
  • Fixed up the pullonium display in the journal. Good catch, Valmo.
  • Fixed some issues with ancient vehicles thanks to Hoyifun04 and Patojonas.
  • Unbanned contraband liquorice’s description thanks to Eterelu, Hoyifung04, Sanjuro, Dfens, OldJanitor, and Patojonas.
  • Fixed up some other issues with the Olde Markete thanks to Patojonas.
  • The frusion non-combats are now actually taking away the PP say they say are. Thanks, Eterlu!

And last but not least, thanks to Patojonas, the Leopard, hoyifung04, Nommy, VelvetDreams, and Sanjuro for helping me find typos new and old.


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