These May Be Fixed

We’re reaching the end of May, so it’s time for a round of bug fixes. Wooo!

  • Added caffeine/sugar remaining to character sheet. Good suggestion, xKiv.
  • Corrected an issue with several damage sidekicks not scaling properly. Good catch, Hoyifung04.
  • Can now list 2014’s talismans in the International House of Auctions. Thanks, Spammd!
  • Fixed an issue with insanely super items looking like candy canes in the House of Auctions. Thanks Avenger and xKiv.
  • Sonic self-damage should no longer double-dip. Thanks Hoyifung04.
  • Dungeon Gauntlet was wasn’t always returning appropriate HP. Thanks, xKiv!
  • Frusion enemies shouldn’t drive you into negative PP if you’re also killed by damage. Thanks Isladar!
  • Fixed an interesting issue with the Daylight Saver and damage shields. Thanks for the report, Hoyifung04.

Also thanks to Hoyifung04, Sanjuro, Muhandes, Patojonas, and VelvetDreams for typo catches!


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