Fixed! And that’s no Ju…lie

I’m so sorry.

  • Added more options (and more guidance) the NCI Live jumping test. Thanks for the suggestions Beniscen and Cristiona.
  • Chat message ordering should be better now. Good catch, Hoyifung04.
  • Digital ghosts will no longer share their drops with cowards and losers. Thanks Patojonas!
  • Thanks hoyifung04, for making sure combats separate regular losers from losers who are also somehow winners.
  • Passive skills should now appropriately kick back in after dropping skill-restrictions. Good catch, Praxis!
  • Fixed an issue displaying old “too hard” boards. Thanks hoyifung04!

And thanks to Patojonas, Sanjuro, and Hoyifung04 for catching typos, particularly in my continuing quest to give every foe in the game text.


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