September Change Roundup

Lots of little changes along with our usual round of bug fixes this time around.

  • Too Hard now appears as a tag in run history. Good suggestion, Isladar!
  • You can now dismiss companions from the nav panel on the left, thanks to hoyifung04.
  • Sidekicks’ full descriptions now show up when clicking their name in the sidekick list. Good suggestion, xKiv.
  • Fixed an issue with Sector 7-Gamma. Thanks, Trog!
  • Computer Pharmacy! Now with less homeopathic XP, thanks to Mana Yachanichu!
  • You can now ride your velociraptor to the underwater base. Thanks Isladar!
  • The pied piper’s whistled up a description. Thanks, Sanjuro!

Also thanks to xKiv, hoyifung04, and Sanjuro for helping make the game a more readable and less typo-filled place.


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