Early October Bug Fixes

They’re not quite as spooky as late October bug fixes, but they still gotta get fixed.

  • Added Oldtown zones to the REM timer results. Good catch, Arkaim.
  • Adjusted XP for spectral sailor and Midgard heavies. Thanks, dead_eye.
  • Gave the vines another nudge towards the records office. Thanks, Heriodule.
  • Fixed an issue with internal security not always attacking. Good catch, Al and Arkaim!
  • Fire run with swirling snow is supposed to block more than one damage. I know! I’m as shocked as you and xKiv.
  • Corrected some display issues on the Coding Assistance assignments. Thanks, Argeth!
  • Thanks to Al for reminding Internal Security to use their needlers properly.
  • Removed the turrets’ flesh, thanks Heriodule.

And thanks to Cryptodynamic for some help ferreting out typos.


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