October Change Roundup

We’ve got some changes for October, boy-howdy!

  • Added links to see software descriptions from computer lab page. Good call, Staunch.
  • League trophy cases now include a display of how prestigious they are. Good call, xKiv.
  • Broke resting for a bit without realizing it. Thanks for letting me know Anilicast and Aaron!
  • Fixed an issue with International Agent of Intrigue’s damage scaling. Thanks Patojonas!
  • Unrepeated some repeating encounters in the Zion’s Tears quest. Good catch, PenguinPyro.
  • Fixed issue with computer labs not believing in haunted computers. Thanks for the bug report Zatade.
  • The boogie monster was out boogying too hard one night and didn’t show up for his shift in the morning. Thanks for letting us know, Isladar.
  • Thank Patojonas for saving frogs court horsen from the jaws of hungry goats.
  • Fixed some classified issues. Thanks, Valmo and PenguinPyro!
  • You can use ion flask, thanks to xKiv.

And thanks to Sanjuro, Hoyifung04, PenguinPyro, and Patojonas for helping to find some of my creative writing.


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