All Hallow’s Bug Fixes

Halloween is festive, but brings its share of bugs with. Thanks to everyone for helping track those down.

  • Did some debugging on the new democratic item rotation system. Thanks to Valmo and Cryptodynamic for the help there.
  • Oldtown Records’ door guards now respond to containment suits a little more consistently. Good call, Heriodule.
  • OmniMall will no longer list 1 credit buy orders on its front page. Good suggestion, xKiv.
  • Jess shows up even for those who cannot buy books. Good catch, Al.
  • Fixed some issues with Jess’s mailing. Thanks, Arkaim.
  • Taught everyone how to drink brandy thanks to GoldS and Al.
  • Added your royal regalia to Jess’s list of costumes, thanks to Argeth and Arkaim.

And thanks to Cryptodynamic, Valmo, GoldS, Argeth, Cheeetar, and Jesse for helping us track down some typos.


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