December Bug Reports

It’s not even Christmas and I’ve already gotten some presents from you all. Thanks!

  • Quashed futile system message resistance to the Daylight Saver. Thanks Hoyifung04 and PenguinPyro.
  • Fixed some house references in fair Twilight, where we set our tale. Good catch, Tempest Temptress!
  • Fixed an issue with breaking the iceberg. Thanks, Jimmy Hoffa and Patojonas!
  • Corrected an issue with silly Heirloom Derby choices thanks to Cristiona and PenguinPyro.
  • You can now pick up the Mad Science quest at the same time you finish another quest. Good catch Hoyifung04!
  • Fixed an issue with nothing being too hard with certain enemies. Thanks Patojonas!
  • Handled some server update issues along with Isladar.
  • You can now equip the reinforced novelty scissors. Thanks, Hoyifung04.

And thanks to Sanjuro, Muhandes, Hoyifung04, Isladar, and PenguinPyro for catching some typos for us.


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