Summer Bug Fixes

Summer has plenty of bugs, right? Well, now it has a few less.

  • NovOS will no longer skip alert phases if you annoy it enough all at once. Thanks, Heriodule.
  • Unlost a few old hacking drops. Good catch, GoldS and Al.
  • Thanks to Cryptodynamic for helping Hawk with his stare game.
  • Brought some Hardening in line with NovOS. Thanks, GoldS.
  • Fixed some weirdness in the Survivors’ quest log. Thanks, Cryptodynamic!
  • Clear draughts should now properly show as medicine. Good call, xKiv.
  • You can no longer get duplicate Slags chemical studies. Thanks to Cryptodynamic for clearing that up.

And thanks to Al, Cryptodynamic, Xerf, and PenguinPyro for helping squash some typos.


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