Birthday Surprise

So, my birthday was a little exciting…

If you want to read about how my laptop got stolen, along with a bunch of other stuff, that’s all over here.

This post is more about security. The laptop hasn’t come back online and, honestly, is probably wiped and sold by now. Nobody is going to bother pulling the data off of it.

But, I take security pretty seriously, so I need to change everything that could possibly get taken off of that laptop. I’m mostly telling you because my paranoia will probably result in some bugs and crashes over the coming days.

Also because I got my laptop stolen and my temporary replacement doesn’t really do everything I’d like it to. So I might be a little slow responding to issues.

There wasn’t any user information stored on the laptop and I’ve already gotten it cut off from the databases, so no one’s data but my own should be at risk. If that changes somehow, I’ll let everyone know.