Out with the Old Bugs

With 2016 in the rearview mirror, let’s take a look back at the bugs we’ve left behind.

  • Fixed titles breaking certain links in the profile page. Thanks, Al!
  • Taught friendly wreathes the power of friendship (and being usable items), with a little help from Xerf.
  • Fixed the previous fix hiding people’s names if they didn’t have titles. Thanks again, Al!
  • Not every blood rose item is a weapon. Thanks, GoldS.
  • Foreshadowed the poet’s horrible death some more, per Al’s suggestion.
  • Shrunk tactical goggles to fit where they’re supposed to. Thanks, Goku.
  • Can’t turn over multiple schedules to the Third Eye. Good catch, Cryptodynamic.
  • Fixed some errors with Family rewards. Thanks, Al.
  • Unmasked the emerald facade. Thanks for letting me know, GoldS.
  • I guess the Midgard hardhat should count as a hardhat. Good catch, Al.

And thanks to GoldS, Al, Cryptodynamic, and Goku for helping with some typos in the old year.


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