Every year, it snows. And every year, we must lock ourselves in the house and fix bugs.

Actually, I usually get sick for a while, then get caught up on reporting the bugs from the last few months.

  • Corrected an issue with some choices being lost on logoff. Thanks Praxis.
  • Prevented Sanjuro from plundering all the past’s molasses.
  • Villain Stop should now appropriately stop villaining when you retcon. Good catch, Praxis.
  • May have fixed an iPad crash issue. Thanks for the heads up, Praxis.
  • Corrected some issues with Leon Ides giving up too easily. Thanks again, Praxis.
  • Fixed some issues with Leonides, of all people, giving up without being defeated. Good eyes, Praxis.
  • The beyond august pants should now display their foe toughness correctly, thanks to Sanjuro.
  • Raptors can now get to the rooftops of Twilight like clever girls. Thanks, K… just kidding it’s Praxis again.

Bit of a theme, no? Huge props to Sanjuro and Praxis!

And thanks to Darkzumi, Hoyifung04, Dove, xKiv, Satan, and Sanjuro again for some typo fixes.


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