Welcome to Vathak

Kinak’s starting as a line developer for Fat Goblin Games on their Shadows over Vathak setting.

What’s Shadows over Vathak?
It’s a horror setting compatible with Pathfinder. Mythos, gothic, survival, they’ve got it all.

But mostly mythos horror. Sweet, sweet mythos horror.

There’s a good synopsis on the Player’s Guide.

What about Metroplexity and Twilight Heroes?
I’ve talked a lot when taking on Twilight Heroes that time isn’t my main restriction, it’s actually Energy. I was in a bit of a slump, not really pushing forward on anything major, and I think this’ll kick my pants out of it.

So Downtown starting? That’s partially this. And PvP moving forward for Twilight Heroes as well, although there’s less to show for that quite yet.

It also, getting down to brass tacks, is something I’m getting paid for without having to run servers for it. Which moves us closer to hitting advertising goals.

So you’re not going away?
Nope. Hopefully you’ll notice a little extra productivity (except for the unrelated part where I vanish for a month to go to Japan and Seattle), but at worst you won’t see any change.