Dash to the Fixed Line

Between the usual pitfalls of development and the new Hero Dash system, there’s been a lot to fix!

  • With a little help from Hoy, prevented the black knight from playing everyone like a patsy. Thanks!
  • You no longer need any special skills to fly a cup of coffee, even if that coffee is an Ace. Thanks Sanjuro!
  • Fixed the forums and item popups following the security update. Thanks for pointing these out, Darkzumi.
  • Caught the computer lab up with modern computer security. Good catch, Sanjuro!
  • Fixed some hijacked posts from the devblog. Thanks, Darkzumi!
  • The “mob rule” encounter wasn’t calming down properly. Good catch, Satan!
  • Got a little help from Hoyifung04 and xKiv with the switchover from old PvP to Hero Dash.
  • Prevented the electron maze from reaching through and breaking programs in reality. Thanks, Patojonas!
  • Flames shouldn’t heal people anymore, thanks some extreme testing by xKiv.
  • Worked with Patojonas to hand the colossal Hero Dash ribbon properly.

Thanks to Sanjuro, Zatade, Eterlu, Iggy, and Hoyifung04 for hunting down those typos as well!


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