September Bug Fixes

We’ve made our way through convention season and the dog days of summer (even when they awkwardly fall on the same days). So you know what time it is!

Time to thank everyone for pointing out where the game can improve and get back to work.

  • Made the nationalist king a little less clingy. Thanks, Cryptodynamic!
  • Griffin shows up properly when you’ve managed to make him angry. Good call, Al.
  • Moved the national crown to the right side of the orbital wars. Thanks for keeping an eye out for traitors, Cryptodynamic!
  • Added appropriate garbage to the Cellar Door. Thanks for littering, Al.
  • Made sure you can appropriately remove cyberware from the denizens of the Cellar Door. Good catch, Cryptodynamic.
  • Marked some older cyberware as properly vulgar. Good thoughts, Al.
  • Griffin should listen to you more closely when you tell him what you want thanks to xKiv and Cryptodynamic.
  • Griffin’s death now effects his favorite bartender. Thanks, Al!

Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Al, Xerf, and GoldS for catching some of my innumerable typos.


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