Spoooooky Bug Fixes

Nothing’s spookier than a bug that comes back from the grave, but October bugs are pretty good too.

  • Fixed an extremely corner-case infinite chip bug thanks to Zillow.
  • Added a new recipe for five-finger discount gloves. Thanks, Hoyifung04!
  • Jitterspout sponsorship should carry the appropriate benefits thanks to Patojonas!
  • Fixed an issue with openings, thanks to Goldentee, Hoyifung04, Sanjuro, and Zillow.
  • The lepidoptera chrysalis should be less shy, thanks to Redsauce!
  • The scales of the monarch should also now be visible. Thanks, Zillow!
  • Hero Dash won’t stop for rain or snow or an invasion of brutes on the rooftops of downtown. Thanks PenguinPyro!

Also thanks to Hoyifung04, Sanjuro, PenguinPyro, Iggy, Darkzumi, and Zillow for making our writing a bit more readable.


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