Long Bug Nights

With winter winding down, it’s time to thank everyone who helped make the game better!

  • Fixed some issues that cropped up during server updates. Thanks Hoyifung04, Grommile, and Ryan.
  • Made sure the Depths of Space are appropriately inaccessible, thanks to Zillow.
  • Ended the Mirror Protege’s love affair with Ionic skills. Thanks to Sanjuro and Zatade for pointing that one out.
  • Lepidoptera’s First Symphony should do things and not be consumed. Thanks, PenguinPyro!
  • Corrected an image problem with the Christmas Classics badge. Thanks, Zatade!
  • Fixed some issues with the Hero’s Last Theorem. Thanks, Delmar and Hoyifung04!
  • Platform Hell will now be appropriately hellish if you run out of PP. Thanks, Hoyifung04.

And, of course, thanks to PenguinPyro, Darkzumi, Sanjuro, Danjruss, Hoyifung04, and Grommile for pointing out typos!