Dawn of October Bug Fixes

As October begins, bugs end. Or something like that.

Lots of good fixes this report, but it’s hard to argue with “Reworked the morality on cannibalism.”

  • Reigned in the warehouse’s use of SD1’s a bit. Thanks, Al, those things are expensive!
  • The stained glass figure shouldn’t bleed itself anymore, thanks to Al and GoldS.
  • Glass helms now break properly, thanks to Cryptodynamic.
  • Giving church security officers coffee should go more smoothly thanks to GoldS and Cryptodynamic.
  • Metros no longer schedules trips from Downtown to Downtown. Thanks, Cryptodynamic!
  • Reworked the morality on cannibalism. Thanks, Al!
  • Fixed some formatting issues on the inventory page thanks to Cryptodynamic.
  • Fixed some issues following the server updates. Thanks, xKiv.
  • Spidery patrons should now have appropriately spidery eyes. Good catch, Al!

And thanks for catching a few of my innumerable typos to Cryptodynamic and GoldS.


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