Out with the Old Bugs

And in with the new!

  • Fixed some issues with the new player process. Thanks, LordK!
  • Whispering dolls no longer self-destruct upon use. Thanks, Al!
  • Moved some confusing recipes into cooking. Good call, GoldS!
  • Fixed some weird issues with Bone Draw drawing a blank, thanks to Mag!
  • GoldS would like to remind us that needlers shouldn’t disassemble into software. Thanks!
  • Bugs from people’s collections should show up as known by the game. Good call, Cryptodynamic!
  • Fixed a way to remain lost in the Oldtown Office *shudder* forever. Thanks, Penguinpyro!
  • Fixed some bug bugs with help from Mag and Cryptodynamic.
  • Corrected a doubled message on kharmic strike in PvP. Good catch, Argeth!

And thanks to Cryptodynamic, GoldS, Penguinpyro, Al, and the triumphant return of Mag for helping with the typos.


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