March out the Bugs

Let’s bid farewell to winter and a bunch of bugs with help from our players.

  • Workers from abandoned offices no longer bug sleepers. Thanks, PenguinPyro.
  • Chitin Barrier should require appropriately chitinous shields to learn. Good catch, Quimera.
  • Fixed several issues with the dreaming alchemist. Thanks, Mag and Cryptodynamic!
  • Corrected an issue with abstract sketches, thanks to Papak.
  • Cane Strike should now beat peasants more indiscriminately. Thanks, Al!
  • Pears are now a fruit. Good catch, Cryptodynamic.
  • Fixed some issues staring at Cellar Door patrons. Thanks GoldS and PenguinPyro.
  • Transparent Dodge should no longer be stuck in its base form. Good catch, GoldS.
  • Sewer mutants are now getting their daily dose of etheric goodness, thanks to PenguinPyro.
  • Silver Towers is now more verbose about its poshness. Good catch, GoldS.

And thanks to Argeth, Mag, PenguinPyro, and Cryptodynamic for helping fix some of my typos.


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