Recent Updates

There has been a minor combat change that you’ll probably only notice on the Slags Beach, if at all. I’m being vague because its involved in the upcoming sidequest, but don’t like making unannounced changes.

Have been plugging away at bug fixes in the background too. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • BeanCounters can now view the Gang Stash screen which helps with, you know, bean counting. Cheers to Ed for reporting this one.
  • You should be allowed to log back in (without manually reloading) after changing networks. Thanks to ChickenFries for the bug report.
  • Made some quick changes from the Suggestion Thread. Continue On and Back to the Streets should be in a consistent order (thanks, The Metro), Cruel Slash is slightly improved compared to Brutality (good point, Magnifico), and inhaling Eclipse smoke now does what one might expect (thanks, PaidPiedPiperPal).
  • Also, thanks to Argeth and Swocky for reporting some typos.


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