Gang Warfare Change

Edit: This change has been reversed and is under further consideration.

To help split things up a bit (and also because it kind of makes sense), each player can now only defend one area in Gang Warfare. If you try to start defending another area, it’ll give you a friendly message and not cost any Energy unless you got a benefit.

You can stop defending areas in the Gang Warfare screen. It’s right under the option to Leave PvP, if applicable.

If none of that made sense, here’s a rundown of the basic mechanic:
When there’s no one left to oppose you in gang warfare, you start patrolling the area and get special messages that say you’re consolidating control. This is setting up a defense for the area to prevent other people from taking it over and, once you achieve control, gives you a variety of other benefits.

Previously, if you could knock out enough competition, one person could take control of and defend all four Gang Warfare zones. Now each person can only defend one.

Note this doesn’t prevent four people from taking over the zones, each defending one, and moving around to get the benefits from all four. It just requires a bit more ‘Gang’ in the Gang Warfare.

Hopefully, this is a positive change. If not, it’ll be easy enough to roll back. Thanks to llaman for the original suggestion.


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