Sunday Updates

Nice lazy Sunday here so I decided to catch up on requests and bug reports.

First off on a nerfy topic: due to a lot of feedback, I’ve removed the “send credits” options from messages early. There will be a gift system related to OmniMall eventually, but folks were insistent sending credits was an issue now and I tend to agree, so it’s gone.

On more exciting mail note, there’s now a ‘Delete All Unsaved’ button that you can use to clean up your inbox in one fell swoop. Be careful, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Chat messages dating from the same second shouldn’t dance around anymore. Thanks to The Kitchen Sink for the bug report.

Fixed a display error when making complicated sell orders in OmniMall. Thank you, Valera, for the quality bug reporting.

Also, we have some typos from The Kitchen Sink and Artie Effham.

Random Note
A few items will probably mysteriously show up as electronics craftable in the next few days. Don’t worry too much if they don’t combine with anything you can get yet.


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