Just wanted to post the updates from the last few days.

  • There’s a new melee Technique snuck in. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for the suggestion.
  • Items with Neural Links (allowing you to play Neural Recordings) are now labeled in their effects. You can still use them from your inventory.
  • Names on the Recruitment pane in the Gang Screen now link to people’s profiles. Good suggestion, Mag.
  • Broke up a confusing choice between “rushing in to help” and “rushing in to kill people” on the pre-quest Docks. Thanks, Argeth!
  • Buffed brass knuckles so starting melee would have a little more beatdown potential. Thanks for starting this conversation, Jick!
  • Pressing enter in the gang stash sale fields doesn’t always sell arms. Thanks, Valera!
  • Fixed some weirdness with the Prototype Coat use ability. Thanks, Zelandoni.
  • Also, thanks to Zelandoni, Insanity Prawn Boy, Mag, and Queztatlapoca for help finding some typos.


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