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February Bug Fixes

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

With new content comes new bug fixes (and typos, so many typos). We’ve also got a few older ones in here that were waiting for some bugfixy friends.

  • Thanks to Heriodule, Barton26, Mosquito, Al, and Mag for helping the Novos rollout go smoothly.
  • The All Resets view now includes the year, thanks to a suggestion from Mag.
  • Reminded certain students on campus that the museum isn’t in ruins. Good catch, Dennis!
  • Properly defleshed Trash Golems. Thanks for taking a bite for the team, Heriodule!
  • And Iron Man runs now show up properly in the reset record. Congrats and thanks, Mag!

As far as typos go, thanks to Mag, Dennis, Al, PenguinPyro, Tros Dal, Arkaim, Thrillhouse, Argeth, and Xerf for tracking those down. And GoldS, especially GoldS.


New Year’s Bug Fixes

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Have a nice mix of festive and, you know, normal bug fixes this time around.

  • Added a little something to the cracked mirror’s cauldron. Good call, GoldS.
  • Holosighting is now working properly. Thanks, Mag!
  • Fixed some issues with the Snow Avenger (or Snovenger, if you prefer) thanks to Argeth and Al.
  • Added some holiday music to appease GoldS’s insatiable lust for festive tunes.
  • Sorted out some problems with the towering snowman with an assist from Al and Cryptodynamic.
  • And negative Evasion Power now works consistently with other negative powers. Good catch Al!

Also thanks to Mag, xKiv, Cryptodynamic, Barton26, Xerf, and Penguinpyro for some typo fixes.


Halloween Thanks

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who helped corral bugs during Halloween and the aftermath. There was a lot of content and, as you will, a lot of bugs.

GoldS, Mag, Vholes Piper, Dennis, Al, Cryptodynamic, Xerf, Thrillhouse, Happy Yeti, Factitious, Barton26, and Heriodule helped out with typo reports. You rule!

We also had GoldS, Happy Yeti, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Garbal, Heriodule, and Al with full-on bugs. Thank you!

Along with everyone here, thank you to everyone who participated and just enjoyed the content.


August Bug Fixes

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

We have a nice round of August bug fixes. They’re not quite as majestic as august bug fixes, but we’ll make do.

  • Midgard Biotech now has its daily allotment of vitamin Hound. Good call, Heriodule!
  • Added a conversation option for Dr. Thomas when you believe your trail is dead. Thanks for the suggestion, BigBellyJarelli.
  • Fixed an issue eating multiple crystal spines. Om nom nom. Thanks Al!
  • Sorted out some issues with fishing modifiers. Thanks for the extreme spading, Valmo.
  • Bat Swarms’ attacks should now be working as they describe. Good eyes, Al.
  • Fixed some issues with Hel not accepting the new suit. What can I say? She’s a containment suit hipster. Thanks, Heriodule!
  • Muffled Sight is now cleared properly by the Slags Antidote. Good suggestion, Al.

Also fixed up a whole load of typos thanks to Mag, Vholes Piper, Cryptodynamic, Al, Argeth, Barton26, Valmo, and GoldS! Woooooo!


Containment Suit Changes

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Short version:
If you’re wondering where your containment suit pieces went, check under “heavy.” There’s new containment suit stuff to find. Enjoy!

Midgard Version:
In an effort to cut costs related to Slags cleanup, Midgard has begun supplying some of its guards with a stripped-down version of the containment suit.

Long version:
The containment suit has never quite worked the way I wanted, but I didn’t have a better solution until recently. The way they dropped never quite fit with the narrative, they made getting high Etheric Defense super easy, they didn’t work with crafting quite the way I wanted, and so on and so forth.

The old style of containment suit is now called “heavy” (for reasons that are probably obvious). There is now a new style of containment suit, along with some related new content and puzzles.

Once everything’s been figured out, the containment suit should be as fast or faster to find for Hel, but the heavy containment suit should take some extra work. And, more importantly to my mind, the process should make more sense in-world and have a lot more interesting choices, things that were missing in my original design.


April Foo… Bug Reports

Friday, April 6th, 2012

As always, with lovely spring weather, we get swarms of bugs. What do you mean, not that kind of bugs?

  • Fixed some problems with the Midgard Special Officer fight not finishing properly. Thanks Arkaim!
  • Resolved a group of issues with the new control display. Thanks to PenguinPyro, xKiv, and Mag for reporting those.
  • Also fixed up some bad gang log messages. Good catch, Vholes!
  • The integrated injector’s tools should be working properly now, thanks to Xerf.
  • Exiled some blank encounters related to the mining helmet. Thanks for reporting those, Argeth and Mag.
  • Eye of the Earth Serpent now requires Body like other cybereyes. Good catch, Valmo!
  • And the new special reward from the rail serpent fight won’t keep displaying when it’s no longer needed. Thanks PenguinPyro.

On a non-bug note, Piercing is now slightly more effective in Net Combat.

Also a special thanks to PenguinPyro, Nyther, GoldS, Arkaim, Factitious, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Valmo, Nyther, and Vholes Piper for helping us kill some typos.


March Bug Fixes

Monday, March 19th, 2012

A nice roundup of bugs and fixes this time.

  • Fixed a bug resulting in fighting your own doppelganger for control in gang warfare… which really sounds like a feature when I say it like that, but was a problem. Thanks Cheeetar and Thrillhouse!
  • The smuggler’s maps should be properly costing profits now. Thanks for the head’s up Jess!
  • Resolved an issue with Legion Tracts not granting their rewards consistently. Good catch, Argeth!
  • Adding some special effects (more, more!) to Ghoul Touched. Good suggestions, Al and xKiv.
  • And, I stopped breaking standards to support IE 5.5, poor IE 5.5, no love from xKiv. Or, you know, me.

Also thanks to Heriodule, Barton26, GoldS, Al, xKiv, Mag, Jesse, and Vholes Piper for some typo fixes.


Late January Bug Fixes

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Fixes! Get yer fixes!

We’ve actually got a bit of a bumper crop. It’s been a good month for bug squishing. Squish, squish, squish.

  • Multiseason runs are now properly searchable. Thanks for the bug reports, Al and Vholes Piper!
  • Sorted out a variety of weirdness with the serpentine chase scene in the Fractured Reflection. Lots of good spading and good reports from DoctrZombie and Arkaim.
  • Long Lost Nostalgia shouldn’t show up as a non-donation skill for resets any more. Good catch, Mag!
  • Corrected some CSS compatibility issues with Firefox. Thanks Barton26!
  • Brick figures can now be removed properly from apartments. Thanks for the bug report, Cryptodynamic!
  • Sorted out a funny issue where replaced buffs weren’t always calculating their bonuses properly. Excellent catch here from xKiv.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, sparklers now deal damage appropriately if you have negative fire defense. Whew, dodged a bullet on that one. Thanks Vholes!

Also thanks to GoldS, Factitious, Mag, Borkman, Sir Cheddar, Al, and Argeth for typo fixes.


New Year’s Bug Fixes

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

We have another round of bug fixes… and by “bug fixes” I mean mostly typos.

Speaking of typos, thanks to GoldS, RazielSonofKain, GoldS, Al, Cryptodynamic, GoldS, Argeth, GoldS, Cank, Vholes Piper, GoldS, ThunderBird, Mag, and GoldS for help tracking down typos.

  • Fixed a display bug with Better Part of Valor runs. Thanks Mag and xKiv.
  • Lieutenant rank now carries through whitelists properly. Thanks for the bug report, Barton26.
  • White noise programs should now deduct from perception properly. Good eyes, Al, good eyes.
  • The testing lab outside the Slags can now be salvaged like other computers. Good suggestion, BigBellyJarelli.


Ho Ho Ho, Merry Bugfix

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

We’ve got a nice round of bugfixes and minor changes for the Christmas season. I hope you’re all enjoying the snowmen so far.

  • Starting off, we have the one that you’re most likely to notice: distracting guards in the sewer hideout is now substantially more effective. Thanks to BigBellyJarelli and Mag for this one.
  • Then we have the one that probably has the most impact on, well, the game not being a mess. Thanks to GoldS, we were able to squash an item duplication bug. Big round of applause for GoldS!
  • We also managed to squash a long-standing bug with gaining stats that increase your HP not healing you properly (giving you empty HP instead of full ones, basically). Good catch, Arkaim!
  • And, lastly, Monarch’s Call should now work properly in the Abandoned Subway. Thanks, Barton26.

To round out our list, we’ve got some typo fixes thanks to Vholes Piper, Argeth, Mag, Arkaim, and GoldS.