April Foo… Bug Reports

As always, with lovely spring weather, we get swarms of bugs. What do you mean, not that kind of bugs?

  • Fixed some problems with the Midgard Special Officer fight not finishing properly. Thanks Arkaim!
  • Resolved a group of issues with the new control display. Thanks to PenguinPyro, xKiv, and Mag for reporting those.
  • Also fixed up some bad gang log messages. Good catch, Vholes!
  • The integrated injector’s tools should be working properly now, thanks to Xerf.
  • Exiled some blank encounters related to the mining helmet. Thanks for reporting those, Argeth and Mag.
  • Eye of the Earth Serpent now requires Body like other cybereyes. Good catch, Valmo!
  • And the new special reward from the rail serpent fight won’t keep displaying when it’s no longer needed. Thanks PenguinPyro.

On a non-bug note, Piercing is now slightly more effective in Net Combat.

Also a special thanks to PenguinPyro, Nyther, GoldS, Arkaim, Factitious, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Valmo, Nyther, and Vholes Piper for helping us kill some typos.


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