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Spring Fixes Sprung

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

With the coming spring, we have some new bug fixes. (more…)

At August’s Dawn

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

As we all know, with more content comes more bugs. And I have actually be adding quite a bit of content lately, so the bugs have been keeping apace. Thanks to everyone for reporting the issues they come across and making suggestions!

  • The lab radio responds a bit more realistically now. Good point, Nyther.
  • Added a few more interactions to the Hollow Monstrosity. Nice suggestion, Vholes.
  • Enemies with swords now use them with Swordplay. Thanks, Al!
  • Corrected some issues with the rollout of the updated Southside Lab. Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Mag, and new bug reporter Acausal for helping get that sorted out.
  • Bonus Melee Power while Etheric is now working properly again. Good eyes, Arkaim!
  • Fixed a hall of mirrors error with the Hollow Monstrosity. Well played, GoldS, well played.
  • Corrected an error recording character traits for Gang Warfare. Thanks, WilliamC.
  • You now can’t report to Dr. Thomas that you failed a mission you never started. Good catch, Valmo.

Also thanks to Mag and Al for reporting some typos. Seriously only two? Either I forgot someone or my English skills are improving dramatically. Or I rolled a 20. I’m going with the last one. Critical Edit!


June Bugs

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Work (on Novos and the next unearthly item) is proceeding apace, but it looks like it’s about time for another round of bug fixes.

  • Lo shouldn’t be confused about Dr. Amundsen’s fate when she’s sitting right next to him. Thanks Argeth!
  • Fishing in the Slags no longer costs double Energy. Another good catch from our resident fishing maestro Valmo.
  • Stronger than Steel runs are properly hidden when searching for Iron Man runs. Good eyes, Al!
  • Tweaked the salvage results for the buzzing TZR to make sense with the fiction. Thanks, Nyther.
  • Resolved an issue with Thrivaldi omega ordering multiple times in a round. You take away all my fun, Mag.
  • Behind the Mask now displays consistently when it blocks attacks. Thanks again, Al!

Also, thanks to Nyther, Mag, Arkaim, and Al for some typo fixes.


May Bugs

Friday, May 31st, 2013

I suppose it’s about time to report on May’s bug reports. As you may have guessed, things on my end haven’t been perfect, but I’m back on track with some cool Novos stuff.

  • Hideouts should now remember the last furniture you used until you log out. Good suggestion, Nyther.
  • Corrected a bit of a storyline blip in the Mushroom path through the Survivor’s quest. Thanks, Argeth!
  • The “don’t have anything” message should now show up in Misc Items. Thanks for the first bug report, aospark!
  • Fixed a Novos site that was linking not only to the wrong site, but to the wrong OS. Good catch, Arkaim.
  • Various and sundry Novos bugs were also resolved, thanks to the keen eyes of Thrillhouse, Barton26, Argeth, Cryptodynamic, and Al.

Also, thanks to Al, Mag, Thrillhouse, and Argeth for help tracking down some typos.


December Bug Fixes

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Following Halloween’s update, I’ve been back to keeping better track of bug reports. Here’s a roundup for November and the start of December:

  • Added some Horror Westerns to appease Mag’s insatiable thirst for bl… Horror Westerns.
  • Cleaned up how skills are displayed in other player’s profiles. Thanks for the idea, Kinak!
  • Bathing in blood is now less time-consuming. Thanks for reporting that, Heriodule!
  • Fixed a URL manipulation issue with shops. Thanks Al!
  • Sorted out a quick issue in the main location page. Thanks DerMagus and SmokeyCastle!
  • Fixed an issue with the Holosight Rifle not applying its bonus correctly. Good catch PenguinPyro!
  • Zack now returns toad statues properly. Thanks for the head’s up, Al!

And thanks to Nosearmy, Mag, Cryptodynamic, Nyther, and Penguinpyro for some typo fixes.


May Bug Fixes

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We have a couple bug fixes and a massive pile of typos to report from the month of May.

  • Cheating into the Slags computers should clear any alerts you may have. Good suggestion ShadowWolf.
  • Made some tweaks to the Quad quest. Thanks for the suggestions Al and Happy Yeti!
  • Red Metal Gaze should properly count as “sciency” again. Good catch Valmo!

Thanks to Nyther, Cryptodynamic, PenguinPyro, Xerf, Happy Yeti, Al, DerMagus, Arkaim, Vholes Piper, and xKiv for reporting those typos.


April Foo… Bug Reports

Friday, April 6th, 2012

As always, with lovely spring weather, we get swarms of bugs. What do you mean, not that kind of bugs?

  • Fixed some problems with the Midgard Special Officer fight not finishing properly. Thanks Arkaim!
  • Resolved a group of issues with the new control display. Thanks to PenguinPyro, xKiv, and Mag for reporting those.
  • Also fixed up some bad gang log messages. Good catch, Vholes!
  • The integrated injector’s tools should be working properly now, thanks to Xerf.
  • Exiled some blank encounters related to the mining helmet. Thanks for reporting those, Argeth and Mag.
  • Eye of the Earth Serpent now requires Body like other cybereyes. Good catch, Valmo!
  • And the new special reward from the rail serpent fight won’t keep displaying when it’s no longer needed. Thanks PenguinPyro.

On a non-bug note, Piercing is now slightly more effective in Net Combat.

Also a special thanks to PenguinPyro, Nyther, GoldS, Arkaim, Factitious, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Valmo, Nyther, and Vholes Piper for helping us kill some typos.


Happy November!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Halloween has come and gone, but a few new friends are here to stay (in the Happy Hour). Thanks to Glass for getting that thought process moving.

We’ve also got some other updates:

  • Old messages are now deleted based on how long it’s been since they were read, not since they were sent. Thanks to Morwen for the suggestion.
  • Simple crafting now allows you to use recipes at 0 Energy. Thanks for the bug report, Fashtas!
  • Expanded the quest log for the Slags Antidote quest a bit. Thanks Perrers!
  • Bait Bluegill should now interact correctly with other baits. Good eyes, Mike_Liviar!

Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Mag, Nyther, Antone, Al, Happy Yeti, GoldS, Metro, and Factitious for typo fixes (Halloween and otherwise).

Apologies if I missed any updates. The last few weeks have been a little hectic :)


Weekend Labor

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Fixed an absolute boatload of typos this weekend, thanks to Mag, Nyther, Cryptodynamic, Happy Yeti, Llamaman, and Cryptodynamic.

I also sorted out some other errors, like:

  • Corrected a display bug where damage wasn’t displayed correctly using Reactive Defense. Thanks for doublechecking my math, TeKRunneR!
  • Dr. Amundsen now has a more realistic view of her chances of cracking the PDA after examining it. Thanks for the suggestion, Xerf!
  • Black Liquor now works, thanks to Argeth. In other news, Argeth has challenged Cryptodynamic’s position as reporter of all pearl-related bugs ever.
  • Practiced Step now displays differently underwater. Thanks Nyther!


Back From GenCon

Monday, August 9th, 2010

So, I’m back from the best four days in gaming and caught up on bug reports. Also sick as a dog, which is how this tends to work.

  • One of the branches of David’s quest wasn’t completing properly. Thanks for the bug report, xKiv!
  • The buffs from Cinematic Dodge had been broken for a while but should be working now. Good eyes, TeKRunner!
  • The Cured Shark Hide is craftable. Good catch, Sir Cheddar!
  • Burning Ectoplasm actually does damage like it’s supposed to. Thanks Cryptodynamic!
  • On a totally unrelated note, you can no longer take negative damage from things like Burning Ectoplasm. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Fixed some quirks resting in the lake. Thanks for the bug reports, Vholes and Der Magus!

Also, thanks to Mag, Argeth, Llamaman, Vholes Piper, Cryptodynamic, Nyther, Amasius, Happy Yeti, TeKRunner, borkman, and Al for help sorting out some Survivors’ typos. So… many… typos.