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Happy November!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Halloween has come and gone, but a few new friends are here to stay (in the Happy Hour). Thanks to Glass for getting that thought process moving.

We’ve also got some other updates:

  • Old messages are now deleted based on how long it’s been since they were read, not since they were sent. Thanks to Morwen for the suggestion.
  • Simple crafting now allows you to use recipes at 0 Energy. Thanks for the bug report, Fashtas!
  • Expanded the quest log for the Slags Antidote quest a bit. Thanks Perrers!
  • Bait Bluegill should now interact correctly with other baits. Good eyes, Mike_Liviar!

Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Mag, Nyther, Antone, Al, Happy Yeti, GoldS, Metro, and Factitious for typo fixes (Halloween and otherwise).

Apologies if I missed any updates. The last few weeks have been a little hectic :)


Helping Hand

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Okay, a couple of friendly additions for new players today:

  • There are now combat hints from when you start out to when you start including new techniques in your deck. This covers basic Chain creation, some strategy, and interface stuff.
  • There’s also a backstory blurb when you first log in (or reset).

The combat hints won’t fire if you have hints turned off in the account preferences. If you want to see them as an existing player, turn those on, then switch to a deck with the four basic techniques.

If you want to see the new blurb, go to Southside :)

Also fixed some bugs:

  • Corrected an ancient issue causing negative duration buffs. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Officer Stone can now be unlocked properly again. Thanks for doublechecking with me, Xerf, I appreciate it.
  • Pain Incarnate can now hurt you. Thanks for the bug report, Cryptodynamic.

And some typo fixes thanks to xKiv, Cryptodynamic, Sir Cheddar, Metro, Mag, Argeth, Glass, Happy Yeti, and Vholes Piper. Seriously! Nine players! Go go team typokiller!


A parcel of bug fixes

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Here’s the list of updates and bug fixes from the past weekend. Which, so far, contains shockingly few Sewer Hideout related bugs. I’ll hold my tongue for now, though :)

  • The l, s, r, and c keys now work in physical and net combat for the appropriate buttons.
  • Saber is no longer quite so unshakable. Thanks for the bug report, Llamaman!
  • Fixed several errors with Cracked Spores. Thanks Happy Yeti!
  • Corrected an issue trading with our Mushroomy friends in the sewers. Thanks for pointing that out, TeKRunneR!
  • You now need a warehouse ID rather than a liquefied Eclipse to try and swipe into the warehouse office. Don’t ask why, it’s funnier this way. And thanks to Llamaman for pestering me until I realized why some people were seeing the option properly.
  • Thanks to Mag, Happy Yeti, Glass, and TeKRunneR for shoring up some of my spelling and grammar. Hip hip hooray!
  • And a special thanks to Sir Cheddar for verifying the game worked properly from Hong Kong after we received some bug reports. Much obliged!


A touch of polish

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Going through a polishing some things, a mix of bug reports and things I mentioned during yesterday’s podcast.

Here’s the list:

  • Chemistry papers work differently and give a somewhat different set of recipes. Thanks for the nudge from TeKRunneR.
  • Basically every pearl and pearl-related item in the game works properly thanks to Cryptodynamic, Lord of Pearls and Master of the Depths.
  • The Biotech and Student PDAs are now salvageable. Good suggestion, Llamaman.
  • Capacitor Arrays are now consumed rather than produced out of the ether when using the Protein Analyzer. Thanks to Plus4 and Cryptodynamic.
  • Corrected some weirdness in Dr. Amundsen’s conversations if you dove straight into the Survivors’ Quest. Good catch, TeKRunneR!
  • Fixed up some weirdness with shark attacks (being, the attacks they use not when they attack… er, yeah). Thanks for the bug report, Argeth!
  • In A Pit is now visually declared as a buff. Thanks, Al.
  • And we’ve got an interesting range of typo fixes from Llamaman, Mag, xKiv, and Glass. Thanks!


Little Fixes

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Have mostly been recovering from illness (curse you GenCon!) and the Survivors’ Quest (curse you Survivors!), but we’ve got some new fixes in place.

  • Cover Fire is being given out properly (not a broken weird copy). Thanks TeKRunner!
  • You can appropriately melt Achromatic Ingots back down with chemistry. Thanks for the chemistry madness, Vholes.
  • Most of the pearls can probably be sold now, single-handedly thanks to Cryptodynamic, Metroplex’s resident Pearl Baron.
  • Corrected a bug where you could switch gear and do all sorts of other stuff in the middle of a location-specific hacking encounter. Thanks Xerf, appreciate the report.
  • The Extreme Fishing XIII board should display properly now when you’re mid-reset. Good catch, Mag!
  • Halloween Spirit now works consistently with Christmas Cheer, thereby avoiding all-out war between the holidays. Thanks to Amasius on this one.
  • Joytime Products will no longer try to ship you negative Fae Plushes. Thanks Happy Yeti!
  • Also fixed up a bunch of typos thanks to Borkman, Happy Yeti, Glass, Mag, and Cryptodynamic. Yay for typo fixes!

Stay tuned for the podcast next week, in which I’ll reveal if I’m crazy enough to roll out some content before Halloween.


Intermediate Updates

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

There are a few updates I’d like to mention that are visible now. The main one is that there’s a new Melee Technique filling Kidney Punch’s old role and Kidney Punch now does something fairly different.

  • Kidney Punch has been replaced by a new Technique better representing the teacher’s desire for fair play (and melee attacks). Kidney Punch now works differently and is learned separately.
  • Higher number keys now work properly in Net Combat. Good catch Valliant.
  • Corrected a bug where the last energy of lines and lures didn’t effect fishing. Good eyes, Argeth, good eyes.
  • Living Sludge Hearts cap at 999/day. If you want more petrol than that… I have no idea what to suggest. Thanks to Sir Cheddar for pointing out this error.
  • On a heart related note, the Industrial heart is craftable again. Thanks Al!
  • Also thanks to Llamaman, Xerf, Mag, Vholes Piper, and Glass for uncovering some typos lurking in old content so we can build a strong grammatical base moving forward.

Tic toc.


Suite Update

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Suites, the equivalent of outfits for Programs, are now in. Yay!

The main difference you may note is that suites will uninstall any running programs that weren’t in the suite. So, where an empty outfit won’t do anything, an empty suite will turn off all your programs. It should make sense when you use it.

Also, putting on an outfit will install the suite of the same name (if you have one). The reverse is also true. The outfit is put on first regardless.

While I was in there, I made processor messages in the data tab a bit clearer (hopefully).

Also brought in some bug fixes:

  • Fixed effects that trigger on damage to be evadable. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Corrected an issue that was causing evasion to display double the amount you actually evaded. Thanks for the bug report, Al!
  • Reworked the Dock Song quest logs. Thanks Vholes Piper and Llamaman.

Thanks to Argeth, GoldS, Mag, and especially Glass for some typo corrections.


Unearthly Upgrades

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Made a couple changes to unearthly items (no worries, they’re all good) and some bug fixes.

  • You can now run your fingers through your luxurious Feathered Cloak when equipped. Good suggestion, Mag!
  • The Cheater’s Line and Challenge Hook were buffed. Merry Christmas!
  • Corrected a bug preventing Dynamite from blowing up the wall into the Underground Asylum. Thanks, Plus4
  • Fixed the anticipated ton of bugs resulting from the combat update last weekend. Thanks to Wyrd, Mag, Argeth, and DerMagus!
  • Becoming a prospective Third Eye member should now show up in your Completed Quests. Good eyes, Glass!
  • Also corrected some typos, thanks to Llamaman, xKiv, and Mag.

Also, I’m considering changing how choose your powder to pour into the puzzle box. It’d go from a traditional choice into a dropdown. They’d lose their individual responses, but it’d be way easier for me to add more in the future. If that’d bother anyone, please speak up.


Weekend Update

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

And now for your daily dose of Vitamin U(pdate). I mostly pushed this out so the first update wouldn’t be a surprise, but there are some other things I’ve done over the last few days.

  • Increased the difficulty of the “high road” in the Slags Building to balance it a bit better with the low road. Thanks for the suggestion, Al!
  • Added some interactions with the Rhythm Game in the University Computer Lab. Thanks for the nudge, Llamaman.
  • Polished the salvage results from fishing poles. Good suggestion, Vholes.
  • Corrected an issue where Ghoultouched wasn’t working properly against delicious, delicious masses of tentacles. Good catch, DerMagus!
  • Removed the extra footer from the bottom of hacking fights after accidentally adding it again. Thanks Al!
  • Cleaned up some unearthly coin effects. Thanks Glass!
  • And apparently no typos this time. Weird, huh?