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More Tweaks and Fixes

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Been messing around with the interface some more and fixing bugs from my previous fiddling.

It occurs to me that I should also announce the new podcast questions thread where new players might see it. So…. there’s a questions thread for our next Podcast on the forums if you have any questions.

On the interface tweaks side:

  • Crafting now has the same sort of top bar as the inventory. Thanks for the suggestion, elliotbay!
  • All the encounters from Stolen Artistry should include an option to take you back to your character sheet. Credit for convincing me goes to xKiv and RazielSonofKain. Thanks!
  • The Housing screen will now be available while you’re absorbed in reading the Black Book. Good call, Mag!
  • Your skills list in the Survivors’ Reset board will now be sorted alphabetically if you’re sorting the main view to Unique Skills. Good thought, Amasius.
  • Bouncing to random profiles now only shows profiles that have logged in recently.

Also fixed a few bugs:

  • Items taken out of your inventory by outfits or suites won’t still be displayed on that pageload. Thanks for the bug report, ganymed!
  • Twisted Hounds have been trained to stop eating the “Continue On” options, thanks to ne0x and Joel_Fry.

And where would we be without some typo fixes, this time thanks to Al and Mag.


Inventory Interface

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Put a new coat of paint on the inventory interface today.

  • There are now links at the top of each inventory page for each section so you can shortcut down. Thanks to Xerf for the suggestion!
  • I also added similar links for the screen to add to your gang’s stash and reformatted that page a bit. Good call, Mag.
  • The Gang Stash and Salvage pages now both respect your column settings.
  • Also thanks to Hau for reporting a bug that caused used items to not disappear from the inventory properly.

If the new links at the top bother anyone, feel free to send me a bug report. I can make them optional, but don’t want to clutter the account page if everyone links them.


Ancient Changes

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Sometimes you get new features. Sometimes you get new content. Other times you get changes from a past so distant… so remote, few can even remember its name.

It’s worth noting that these are old in the “boring, but might give you peppermints” sense and not in the “gateway to lovecraftian terror” sense. That’s probably tomorrow.

  • Cleaned up the character sheet. It had been a while since it got a round of polish. Highlights include:
    • Clicking on your character name will now take you down to your skills list.
    • The name capitalization change is over in Account Preferences now.
    • The use buttons aren’t all over the place anymore.
  • Clicking on “Send Mail:” or “Inbox:” in your messages will take you down to “Sent Mail:” and visa versa. Thank Mag for saving you all that scrolling :)
  • Argeth reported a bug in… oh, December or so, that required reworking how daily flags are handled. Just sorted that out.
  • Driving Demand now appears in the gang log (under ‘Stash’) per an old request from Umbrage. Good suggestion, sorry it took a while!
  • If you’re ever like “I wonder how long it takes Kinak to fix things that bug him” it had been bothering me that the username and password boxes didn’t quite line up on the login page since I designed it. I just fixed it.

Also our only typo for this time is from Cryptodynamic. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Crypto!


Updates, get yer Updates!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Have a nice list of updates here, mostly changes with a couple of bug fixes.

  • Unified the handling of “Continue On”/”Back to the Streets”/etc. as buttons for consistency and help with scripting. Thanks for the suggestion, Xerf!
  • Updated the donations page to reflect me having a job (yay!) and information about beta reset/Zack. Thanks for pointing that out, Glass!
  • Per the podcast, the Fang Boss in the Docks quest stops using Explosive Shot when he runs out of clips. Good call, Al.
  • Renamed options taking you back to the main Net screen “logout” to clarify the difference between them and “Unplug.” This is another good suggestion from Xerf. Thanks!
  • Resolved an issue preventing folks from getting the ghoultouched skill. Thanks for the bug report Szodrin and welcome back :)
  • Also fixed up some typos thanks to Cryptodynamic, Vholes Piper, Glass, and Mag.



Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Have a pretty healthy list of updates and have been churning on the Survivors’ Quest. If I get far enough ahead this weekend, I might just drop in some of the hacking goodies I’ve been hinting at. No promises, but I’m feeling good about it.

There were enough hacking fixes that I broke them out into their own section (below).

General Stuff

  • Ghoultouched’s scaling now caps at a more reasonable level compared to other foods.
  • Your buy offers in OmniMall won’t show up in the sell column. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal and dfmchfhf for reporting this one!
  • The conversation with Dr. Thomas about Hawk bailing on the deal is now only available once. Good suggestion, Wyrd.
  • Buying an over/under for the Third Eye at the Happy Hour will now consistently take credits and take them at the appropriate time. Thanks, Al!
  • We also have a nice round of typo catches from Al and Mag. Thanks :)
  • Hacking Stuff

    • There’s now a “Try Again” option when you don’t overcome hacking defenses, but can still access the target. Good suggestion, slyspawn!
    • Sites granting the mimetic sheet recipe should work properly now. Good job not panicking, Mag!
    • Fixed an issue where hacking targets could have duplicate names. Thanks slyspawn!
    • Also corrected an issue where targets tied to a specific location were showing up in the list. Good catch, llamaman!
    • You can no longer hack at 0 HP. Good catch, slyspawn.
    • Disabled hacking defenses will no longer report back to the main system. Good catch, Argeth.


    Minor Updates

    Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

    Two little updates today:

    • Energy, Hunger, and Body display their maximums in the character pane. This is partially to reinforce that there is an Energy cap (sorry Twitch) and partially in preparation for cybernetics.
    • The Squatter King will now continue offering his quest even after you’ve found the sewers, if you’re of a mind to help. Thanks Argeth!