Ancient Changes

Sometimes you get new features. Sometimes you get new content. Other times you get changes from a past so distant… so remote, few can even remember its name.

It’s worth noting that these are old in the “boring, but might give you peppermints” sense and not in the “gateway to lovecraftian terror” sense. That’s probably tomorrow.

  • Cleaned up the character sheet. It had been a while since it got a round of polish. Highlights include:
    • Clicking on your character name will now take you down to your skills list.
    • The name capitalization change is over in Account Preferences now.
    • The use buttons aren’t all over the place anymore.
  • Clicking on “Send Mail:” or “Inbox:” in your messages will take you down to “Sent Mail:” and visa versa. Thank Mag for saving you all that scrolling :)
  • Argeth reported a bug in… oh, December or so, that required reworking how daily flags are handled. Just sorted that out.
  • Driving Demand now appears in the gang log (under ‘Stash’) per an old request from Umbrage. Good suggestion, sorry it took a while!
  • If you’re ever like “I wonder how long it takes Kinak to fix things that bug him” it had been bothering me that the username and password boxes didn’t quite line up on the login page since I designed it. I just fixed it.

Also our only typo for this time is from Cryptodynamic. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Crypto!


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