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Novos – Wave 2

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Midgard and Metroplex U have completed their switch over to Novos!

So, all the quest hacking should now be handled through Novos. Even FunTime Products.

Like real world OS switches, this has almost assuredly broken something weird. So, if you run into any issues, let me know.

P.S.: I also made some subtle changes to the existing routines to make their results match the narrative better.



Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Novos, the new hacking system, has started rolling out today.

I say “started” because I’m trying a bit of something different. I’ll be rolling this out in stages, interspersing it with other content.

So, try it out if you want, see what you think. It won’t fully replace the existing hacking content for a while now, but it won’t hurt to get familiar with it either.

In the meantime, there’s all the old hacking content plus the new stuff as it comes in, so hopefully you won’t find too much to complain about :)

What’s the point?
The original hacking system is a mess on a lot of levels. I was going to have to tear it down and rebuild it eventually anyway, so I’d like to get that done before I build Oldtown content on top of it.

I hope, with this redesign, that we can end up with a lot less fiddly management outside the hacking interface and a lot more interactivity within that interface. We’ll see about that one as everything gets in.

Anyway, best of luck! I hope you enjoy what’s there.


Dr. Amundsen, Mostly

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Made a couple of updates to Dr. Amundsen’s branch of the Survivors’ Quest today.

  • Decreased the difficulty of the hacking opponents a bit to give that path a leg up.
  • Added a bit of additional information to the quest log for this quest.
  • The choice adventure where you can use recordings won’t even let you try now without appropriate hardware. Hopefully that will be less confusing.

In other updates:

  • Added a Search Again option on target search and its big brother. Thanks for the suggestion, Mag!
  • Also added a “Send Only” option for gang message updates, for you gang leaders out there. Good suggestion, Vholes.
  • Also corrected some typos thanks to Cryptodynamic, Happy Yeti, Vholes Piper, and Thrillhouse.


Suite Update

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Suites, the equivalent of outfits for Programs, are now in. Yay!

The main difference you may note is that suites will uninstall any running programs that weren’t in the suite. So, where an empty outfit won’t do anything, an empty suite will turn off all your programs. It should make sense when you use it.

Also, putting on an outfit will install the suite of the same name (if you have one). The reverse is also true. The outfit is put on first regardless.

While I was in there, I made processor messages in the data tab a bit clearer (hopefully).

Also brought in some bug fixes:

  • Fixed effects that trigger on damage to be evadable. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Corrected an issue that was causing evasion to display double the amount you actually evaded. Thanks for the bug report, Al!
  • Reworked the Dock Song quest logs. Thanks Vholes Piper and Llamaman.

Thanks to Argeth, GoldS, Mag, and especially Glass for some typo corrections.


Slags Lab Security

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The Midgard Laboratory in the Slags has had some security updates, centering around their shiny new computer system. Some encounters in the lab have been changed and there are ripples elsewhere.

There’s a lot of cool there I don’t want to spoil, but folks will note that the security on the locker room (such as it was) has changed. So you’re not just imagining things.

Other recent changes include:

  • Intercept data now appropriately drops some code. Thanks for the suggestion, bonbon.
  • Hawk’s request regarding his errant member in the Slags should now show up in your quest log. Thanks Steaming for getting me on this track.
  • Also, we have a ton of typo fixes thanks to Mag, Hotpho, Sir Cheddar, Cristiona, Dennis, Vholes Piper, Factitious, Nyther, and Thrillhouse. Not kidding. There were a lot of typos.

P.S.: There will probably be a bit more Slags-quest related touching up as the Survivors’ Quest looms closer. Nothing huge, mostly just implementing suggestions I’ve let pile up.



Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Have a pretty healthy list of updates and have been churning on the Survivors’ Quest. If I get far enough ahead this weekend, I might just drop in some of the hacking goodies I’ve been hinting at. No promises, but I’m feeling good about it.

There were enough hacking fixes that I broke them out into their own section (below).

General Stuff

  • Ghoultouched’s scaling now caps at a more reasonable level compared to other foods.
  • Your buy offers in OmniMall won’t show up in the sell column. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal and dfmchfhf for reporting this one!
  • The conversation with Dr. Thomas about Hawk bailing on the deal is now only available once. Good suggestion, Wyrd.
  • Buying an over/under for the Third Eye at the Happy Hour will now consistently take credits and take them at the appropriate time. Thanks, Al!
  • We also have a nice round of typo catches from Al and Mag. Thanks :)
  • Hacking Stuff

    • There’s now a “Try Again” option when you don’t overcome hacking defenses, but can still access the target. Good suggestion, slyspawn!
    • Sites granting the mimetic sheet recipe should work properly now. Good job not panicking, Mag!
    • Fixed an issue where hacking targets could have duplicate names. Thanks slyspawn!
    • Also corrected an issue where targets tied to a specific location were showing up in the list. Good catch, llamaman!
    • You can no longer hack at 0 HP. Good catch, slyspawn.
    • Disabled hacking defenses will no longer report back to the main system. Good catch, Argeth.


    Hacking Updates

    Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

    A few updates, almost all hacking related. Because that is how I roll, apparently.

    • One of the ways hacked sites leave the system wasn’t implemented. It should be working now.
    • When fighting multiple defenders in hacking, one being destroyed should now show an appropriate void. Thanks to Starwed, Mag, and Nyther for the bug reports!
    • Sands of Time got a buff so it can now defeat the Firewall tool. Thanks Rykar, for getting me on this train of thought.
    • In a strangely non-hacking update, hopefully fixed a long standing issue where techniques that care what your opponent is doing didn’t care if your opponent was dead. If that didn’t make sense, just ignore it :) Thanks JTN2001!
    • And thanks to Nyther, Thrillhouse, and particularly Mag for some typo fixes.


    Hacking’s Tendrils

    Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

    A couple updates today and a touch of new content.

    • Expanded and changed the computer system in Midgard Bioresearch (the lab outside the Slags).
    • You can now learn the Thorough Decompiler recipe. Thanks for the catch, Borkman.
    • And I’ve fixed up some typos thanks to Mag, dfmchfhf, and Polygon.