Hacking Updates

A few updates, almost all hacking related. Because that is how I roll, apparently.

  • One of the ways hacked sites leave the system wasn’t implemented. It should be working now.
  • When fighting multiple defenders in hacking, one being destroyed should now show an appropriate void. Thanks to Starwed, Mag, and Nyther for the bug reports!
  • Sands of Time got a buff so it can now defeat the Firewall tool. Thanks Rykar, for getting me on this train of thought.
  • In a strangely non-hacking update, hopefully fixed a long standing issue where techniques that care what your opponent is doing didn’t care if your opponent was dead. If that didn’t make sense, just ignore it :) Thanks JTN2001!
  • And thanks to Nyther, Thrillhouse, and particularly Mag for some typo fixes.


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