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Slags Lab Security

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The Midgard Laboratory in the Slags has had some security updates, centering around their shiny new computer system. Some encounters in the lab have been changed and there are ripples elsewhere.

There’s a lot of cool there I don’t want to spoil, but folks will note that the security on the locker room (such as it was) has changed. So you’re not just imagining things.

Other recent changes include:

  • Intercept data now appropriately drops some code. Thanks for the suggestion, bonbon.
  • Hawk’s request regarding his errant member in the Slags should now show up in your quest log. Thanks Steaming for getting me on this track.
  • Also, we have a ton of typo fixes thanks to Mag, Hotpho, Sir Cheddar, Cristiona, Dennis, Vholes Piper, Factitious, Nyther, and Thrillhouse. Not kidding. There were a lot of typos.

P.S.: There will probably be a bit more Slags-quest related touching up as the Survivors’ Quest looms closer. Nothing huge, mostly just implementing suggestions I’ve let pile up.


Week’s Updates

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Lots of updates this week. I’ve been puttering around fixing stuff and haven’t gone back to actually post the list, so I apologize if I missed anything.

  • Made some sneaky improvements to the riot quest. Good suggestions, Llamaman and Plus4.
  • Lo should now respond to Dr. Amundsen’s death properly. Good catch, Soulmech.
  • Hitting Enter will search the Mall properly now in Internet Explorer. Thanks for the bug report, Polygon.
  • The Ghost Ship should now show up in Completed Quests. Good call, Llamaman.
  • Fixed some weirdness with Mikhail acting as questgiver if you let Lo die. Good catches, Happy Yeti and Factitious.
  • Targeting a hacking defense twice won’t make the targeting arrow go away anymore. Thanks Wyrd!
  • Entering hacking from an encounter will now work properly if you only have 1 energy left. Good eyes, Happy Yeti.
  • Corrected an issue with Time Bomb not entirely destroying defenses. Thanks JTN2002!
  • I broke Kingly Favor and Ghoultouched with code for the new donation item. Thanks to xKiv, Bonbon, and Borkman for helping me track these down.
  • Also corrected a whole load of typos thanks to Mag, plus4, Wyrd, PaidPiedPiperPal, Blarghgh, Jick, and Thrillhouse.

Also, bats.



Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Some fixes today, mostly on the targeting end of things and some bugs that folks have noticed because of it. Kind of interesting to see what shakes out when you expose information folks weren’t seeing before.

  • Killing targets shouldn’t screw up the indicator anymore. Thanks to BeerBuddha, Mag, and RazielSonofKain for those bug reports.
  • Hopefully we’ve squashed the sporadic issues where defenders in net combat would hang on an extra round before dying. Give me a holler if you run into this again. Thanks for the bug report, Rykar!
  • Fixed a really neat bug where certain items were displaying “0 in inventory” incorrectly when using the “Display Listings Only” checkbox in the Mall. Excellent catch, bonbon!
  • The Fractal Understanding effect from the new donation item shouldn’t immediately be taxed Energy as you’re gaining it. Thanks, Rykar.
  • Clicking the same target again won’t hide the indicator anymore. Thanks Al!
  • Added mouseover text to avatars so you can see their names. A suggestion from the forums.
  • Corrected some typos courtesy of Edwahd, Mag, and Argeth.

And that’s it for today. Other than that, I’ve been working on a sweet puzzle in the Survivors’ Quest content. It’s still a while out, so I’ll be dropping in some other interesting stuff whenever I need a break.


Itty Bitty Updates

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

There’s something kind of nice about tiny content upgrades. Good for the spirit, I think.

  • There’s now another source for the Ghoul Bite Technique. Thanks for getting me started on this one, Shademaster00.
  • One of the side benefits of leaving donation items up for a while is that I can add new things for them to grind… er, do, without feeling bad.
  • Targets won’t continue to suffer damage from venom after they’re dead. Thanks, bonbon!
  • And thanks to RazielSonOfKain for some typo eradication.

Oh, and I added a new salvage/chemistry item a while back and forgot to mention it. So, yeah, powdered glass… tell your friends.


Other Updates

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Along with the donations page, I’ve managed to sneak in some other changes and fixes.

  • There is now a Completed pane of the Quest Log. Thanks to Metro and razielsonofkain for the suggestion.
  • When loading the login page, the username field should get focus automatically. Thanks bonbon for the suggestion.
  • Buffs granted at the end of combat shouldn’t decrement right away. Good catch, Argeth.
  • On the Docks, the two choice encounters with dockhands (for coffee and armwrestling/fishing pole) have been combined into one. Thanks for pointing this out a while back, razielsonofkain.
  • Gangs with quotation marks should now display correctly in player’s profiles. Thanks Olaf!
  • The gang description preview should no long display the BRs to go along with your newlines. Thanks for the bug report, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Also, thanks to Mag, The Kitchen Sink, Argeth, DanBob, and Wyrd for some typo catches! Yay Typos!

Also a couple fixes on the new University update:

  • The quest log for the extended Hawk subquest shouldn’t jump ahead if you’ve calmed down the Quad. Thanks Wyrd!
  • When defeating The Hammer, he will not display debug information, as appropriate as that may be for his character :) Thanks Lord Finisher and Olaf!
  • Hawk will still be available to talk about your friends after the Trouble on the Docks quest. Good catch, Starwed.